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3 Attractive and Easy Web Design Theme for You


Have you ever wondered how to decide on a theme that is suitable for your website? Your theme should reflect your webpage identity, for example, if your website talks about health, you should not design and decorate your website with details about the technology. The key to a successful website is research for a suitable theme and design it with full attention and efforts.

There are 3 most popular web design themes for your website:

1. Simple and Stylish Theme

Monochrome colour, pink can fits well in as a simple design as shown in the image above.

        Keep it simple and stylish, monochrome colour works better than you think it will be. Monochrome colour consists of only one colour and the design is a mixture of light and dark monochrome colour. You might be wondering will it works with only one colour, I can guarantee monochrome colour is excellence as a comfy and eye-catching visual cue colour. A mixture of dark and light monochrome colour along with either black or white colour works well.

2. Playful and Fun Theme

Bright and attractive theme can manage to attract kids’ attention as well as their parents’.

        Insert some bright and attractive images in your design if you are designing a website for kids. Exciting and playful fonts works to attract a person’s attention compared to the classic font. You need to research for who is your target audiences before you decide which theme to be applied in your website. A playful and fun theme might not be suitable for senior citizens.

3. Classic Old-Fashioned Theme

Vintage design looks comfortable to people at all ages.

        The vintage design looks comfortable and reminds you of your home, right? The classic old-fashioned theme will bring out warmth and comfort to you. You are advised to use this theme to promote your website about homecoming activities or home-cooked food menu.

        If you are unsure which theme is the best for your website, you are welcome to contact web design Malaysia for more information or book an appointment with them for more advises.